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Vessel monitoring system Beidou

(October 5, 2011)    

In October 5, 2011, Yunnan province Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, came the shocking news: our ship 2 vessels engaged in border trade transport in the Mekong River near Golden Triangle gunmen hijacked, our 13 crew members were killed. "Murder" shocked the world, the former Lancang - Mekong River "golden waterway", become a "terrorist".

After the incident, for security reasons, 26 Chinese ships and 164 Chinese crew stranded in Chiang Saen port of Thailand. As soon as possible to meet the stagnation vessels and crew to smooth return, China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. actively cooperate with the maritime bureau of Lancang River, boats and maritime patrol boat with Beidou marine terminal patrol in the public security, and in Xishuangbanna State Maritime Bureau set up a command center based on beidou.

Since the October 13th morning 8 when I police patrol from Xishuangbanna Jinghong port, to October 16th fleet returned from guanlei port, a total of more than 80 hours, the Beidou Positioning System, the entire flight number 4000, send and receive text messages more than 500, the success rate of nearly 100%, the ship of the hysteresis and played an important role in safeguarding the homing.

Future Beidou vessel monitoring system for position monitoring and dispatching will become effective means to solve emergency and unexpected events, such as maritime search and rescue. Escort the Lancang-Mekong River 105 ships homing, highlight the overseas application of Beidou from one side, but also for the Beidou to Asia-Pacific prelude.

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